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Install Kit

Our standard installation kits are primarily suited for fresh water applications, and are identical to the deluxe kit with the only exception being the deluxe kit comes with a full size bronze strainer with a monel basket, which is much more durable in a salt water environment, vs the smaller plastic strainer with a stainless steel basket. We also supply an external bronze scoop and mounting ring with the deluxe kit.

For salt water applications we recommend the deluxe kit because you will have to less frequently clean the much larger strainer basket, and the monel basket significantly outlasts the stainless baskets.

Following are the installation components supplied -
no last minute hidden charges!
Programable Digital Control

Our new digital control is programmable or you can override the programs and manually control the temperature.

In addition to a host of features it has a back-lit screen for programming even in the dark.

ANY four wire battery-operated control will operate ANY Flagship Marine Unit

Personalize Your Thermostat

We will laser etch your vessel name here
for only $35.00

Personalize Your Thermostat

All of our units purchased with an installation kit come with an aluminum discharge plenum that attaches directly to the blower motor flange. The correct number of collars are welded to this plenum facilitating a neat and simple to install ducting system.
It's far easier to run our standard 4" duct than the larger ducts supplied by others.

aluminum discharge plenum

All of our kits come with Thermaflex ® woven fiberglass fabric flex duct with flame retardant coating - UL Class -1 - an industry leader for decades with both heating and cooling systems, and the correct number of directional, quality plastic discharge grills in white, black or brown.

GROCO bronze strainers

Only the highest quality components :GROCO full size bronze strainers with MONEL baskets and completely stainless hose clamps.

plastic strainer with a stainless steel basket

Included with our standard installation kit is a quality plastic strainer with a stainless steel basket. The superior design makes them long lasting and easy to service

GROCO external scoop strainer
This GROCO external scoop strainer is unique and superior because it comes with a separate mounting ring that is bedded to your gel coat, rendering cleaning and painting a simple task of removing the scoop only, rather than having to remove and re-bed the entire assembly. For high speed vessels that may ingest air bubbles while under way, these scoops will purge these bubbles that may otherwise cause the pump to cavitate as well as prevent you from sucking debris into the system.
Supplied with the deluxe kit only.

GROCO discharge fitting  All of our kits include a high quality bronze discharge through hull fitting (Marelon if desired - add $9.95).

stainless steel 300 seriseclamps

17 stainless steel clamps: These are not the inexpensive 201 or 400 series stainless steel clamps with steel screws - they are 100% "300" series marine grade stainless steel, the screws too!

GROCO strainer upgrade
 Supplied with the deluxe installation kit:

This GROCO strainer features a monel strainer basket which usually outlasts stainless 10/1.

Cleaning is a cinch with the screw top access, and the large basket surface area will reduce the frequency of cleaning.


EPDM high temperature hose
Heavy duty four ply polyester reinforced EPDM, high pressure, high temperature hose is supplied with all of our installation kits.
3' - 3/4" for the intake side of the pump.
20' - 5/8" for the supply side of the pump to the unit and overboard.
6' - 1/2" (not heavy duty) for the condensate drain.

Teak discharge grills
Optional: Teak discharge grills - they may look better, however you will actually have superior directional control with our standard plastic grills. Add $79.95 for each 4"x 8" four-way teak grill & plenum assembly.
Duct supplied with kits: 
6-9,000BTU - 12' of 4" duct
12-18,000BTU - 25' of 4" duct
18.5-36,000BTU - 50' of 4" duct
48-60,000BTU - 75' of 6" duct
Our standard 4" discharge grills come in white, black and brown, and offer excellent directional control of the discharge air.
Place them next to each other if you need to, and simply point them in different directions.

Aluminum filter grills
The baked enamel finish can be easily painted any color you wish, or you may want to upgrade to the teak return grill depicted below.
All of our kits include an aluminum filter return grill or the optional teak grill shown below.
It's important to filter the return air so that the evaporator isn't plugged up in a couple of years.
It's actually more desirable to place a filter directly on the evaporator, however it's far easier to simply replace these easily accessible filters.
Cutout size = 12.5" x 12.5"
Overall size = 14.75" x 14.75"

Optional Teak filter return grills.
Optional Teak filter return grills.
12" x 12" or 10" x 14" $71.00 each with exchange of standard return grill or $86.40 each sold individually.
One of these very attractive teak return grills is needed for units up to 18,000 BTUs - for example if you have a 36,000 BTU unit, you will need two of these grills.
Cutout size = 12" x 12" or 10" x 14"
Overall size = 13" x 13" or 14" x 14"
Many different sizes and shapes available.

March Pumps
March Pumps
Included with all of our kits are the highest quality magnetic drive March pumps available.
Pumps details and specifications.
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