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Heat Exchangers
Now you can benefit from the numerous advantages of self-contained systems without pumping sea water throughout your vessel.
With a flooded system you eliminate the head pressure from distances ADWL - only frictional losses need to be considered, which is ideal for multi-level applications and installations well above the water line, such as large ships and oil rigs.

Pumping fresh cooling water, considering only frictional losses, can be thought of like supplying electricity- as long as the pressure is maintained on the supply line with atmospheric pressure on the discharge line (return line), it's easy to control the amount of cooling water to multiple individual units, even with multi-level installations.
You can eliminate the heat exchanger and raw water pump depicted below by using a keel cooler - our staff will assist you in deciding what system best suits your needs.

Cooling with fresh water eliminates the sinking hazard and corrosion that sea raw water brings, and the basically room temperature cooling water of these systems eliminates the need to insulate the water lines, greatly reducing your installation expense in labor and material.
Heat Exchanger Example:
It's also very affordable!

Specifically designed and manufactured for Flagship Marine to our highest continuous duty/commercial quality standards by Sen-Dure®, an industry leader in the heat exchanger industry since 1947, we have specified a very heavy, slick walled(not rifled or knurled with thin spots) 0.032"AW (average wall), large 3/8" diameter 90/10 CuNi (Cupronickel - NOT copper) tubes and 90/10 CuNi tube sheet within a heavy gauged copper shell and copper end plates for unsurpassed durability even in the most severe marine conditions.

Our design, the "FMI" series of the Sen-Dure® heat exchangers, enables very easy tube cleaning by removing the two end plates, making mechanical and/or chemical cleaning a cinch every few years.

Typical Heat Exchanger Specifications:
5 tons of cooling (60,000 BTUs) - 4" dia x 36" Long
10 tons of cooling (120,000 BTUs) - 5" dia x 40" Long
15 tons of cooling (180,000 BTUs) - 6" dia x 54" Long
25 tons of cooling (300,000 BTUs) - 8" dia x 40" Long
50 tons of cooling (600,000 BTUs) - 8" dia x 72" Long
(Lengths are tube bundle lengths - add about 6" for overall lengths)

One ton of cooling = 12,000BTUs
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Flagship Marine Units NEVER Have Condenser Failures!
    The heart of every marine air conditioner is the condenser—the heat sink to the ocean and the only component the corrosive sea water touches is the inside of the inside tube.  Failure of this tube is catastrophic for the entire system. Even extremely corrosive places like the very high salinity of the Red Sea are no problem for Flagship Marine condensers because we use an unusually thick walled 90/10 CuNi (copper nickel) tube with particular annealment, hardness and other characteristics.
   We don’t dramatically shorten our condensers to save money by enhancing this tub: knurling or rifling for example. Our tube is “slick walled” with no thin spots that fester these failures.   
   Paper thin condenser tubes dissipate heat very quickly so the condenser tube can be short and inexpensive.  We don't cut corners by doing so.  We have full length condensers!  The shorter the condenser, the cheaper it is and the shorter it will last!
Our condenser wall thickness almost equals the shell wall thickness, ensuring decades of trouble free service.
   Flagship Marine has always prioritized durability and quality over cost savings and we NEVER cut corners. We also don’t skimp on our brazing material—ALL refrigerant lines are brazed with a 15% silver alloy, not the 5% typical of other manufacturers.
   As a result, Flagship Marine is very proud to have had almost ZERO condenser failures in the last two decades.


Every 5-7 years or so, it's good form to chemically clean the inside of the condenser tube with a phosphoric acid solution (such as "Barnacle Buster"), and if in fresh water every couple years with a bleach solution.  In locations with muscle crab infestations more frequent treatments may be necessary.  This will bring the condenser back to a like-new condition.

Over the years the heat transfer will be diminished by a marine growth which will gradually increase the refrigerant pressure and reduce efficiency. Simply circulate the solution through the condenser for a couple hours or so (depending on the dilution), and when you're done a high pressure garden hose will help blast away any stubborn deposits. Muriatic acid will also work but it unnecessarily removes the protective patina and is VERY hard on your lungs and the environment!

Hand Crafted in Stuart Florida
All Flagship Marine condensers are hand-crafted from start to finish at our Stuart factory location to our exacting specifications

Still Built with Pride in the USA
with Only Domestic Alloys.
No Cheap Imports.

Flagship Marine's chillers are the most rugged, commercial/military quality chilled water systems available! When downtime can equal lost dollars, the durable and dependable Flagship Marine units are money in the bank.
To make the very best in chillers we put the very best materials in the hands of skilled technicians. Our chillers are built to last decades. Made in the USA Since 1995
All stainless components are 316 marine grade stainless steel!
Evaporator housings, drain pans, electrical boxes etc.
are 5005 marine grade aluminum!

Copper Nickel socolets
Flagship Marine takes no shortcuts
with quality and design!

   All condenser tube to manifold connections are made with precision machined 90/10 CuNi (Copper Nickel) socolets that are TIG welded to the schedule 80 90/10 CuNi nipple with a monel alloy and brazed to the condenser tubes to ensure many years of trouble free service.

   This configuration meets all MilSpec and ABYC requirements. Naked connections aren't nearly as durable and fail to meet those standards.
   For your convenience all manifolds are fitted with reducing couplers and a 3/4" drain plugs for winterizing.

Welded elements
Welded elements

Expansion Valve

All Flagship Marine equipment incorporates expansion valves which adjust the modulation of the refrigerant to match the conditions of sea water, humidity and ambient temperature. This maximizes performance by preventing excessive or inadequate refrigerant head pressures, resulting in more cooling and extended component life!
This is why all new HVAC equipment must now use expansion valves instead of the capillary tubes you may still have in your home air conditioner.
We don't "cut corners" - these cost us about $75-175 each vs a $3.00 cap tube, and on the larger units we use "balanced port" rather than the standard expansion valves which automatically adjust to the amount of refrigerant flowing rather than being a fixed flow and out of balance.

Capillary tubes cannot adjust the refrigerant modulation which is fixed by the physical length of the tube. Like a broken clock that is right only twice a day, capillary tubes either over-modulate or under-modulate the refrigerant as the sea water temperatures vary. As an extreme example, if you are in upper Mississippi when the water is 40° and the air is 95° the modulation will be excessive and the head pressure much too low. Expansion valves adjust the modulation according to the conditions.
No Capillary Tubes

Dry Drain Pan
Flagship Marine Exclusive: Dry Drain Pan
No more mold and mildew starting in your drain pan!
We now manufacture sloped aluminum drain pans that are dry so the condensate water doesn't have a chance to grow mold and mildew.
sheet metal components
All sheet metal components are laser cut with aircraft/military quality tolerances in the ten-thousandths of an inch range as depicted here with the skeleton of an air-cooled chiller. Note the PEM nut inserts and numerous stainless steel rivets that result in a very rigid, strong and exacting structure.
Variable Frequency Drives
If your vessel is wired single phase or you have marginally sized generators, or if you want to almost completely eliminate voltage fluctuation when compressors start, we can install Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) in our equipment. 
The VFD reduces the start up inrush and will greatly reduce any brown out, generator lag or flickering in your TV when the compressors start. 
The typical inrush (millisecond start up amperage) is about 5-7 times the running amps, however with a VFD the compressor frequency slowly ramps up to the 60 HZ speed so the inrush is typically about 1.3 times the running amps.  You can also manually program in lower or higher frequencies as well to accomplish running on lower amps or more output at higher amps if you need to, but of course you will lose or gain proportional performance by doing so.
Flagship Marine strives to provide the most simple, trouble free and durable equipment available, and frequency drives are not in keeping with the KISS principal that guides our component selection and design, however there are applications that warrant these excellent products.

Diagnostic Monitor with ICM Modules
Flagship's Exclusive Diagnostic Monitors Use
Time Tested "Over the Counter" ICM Modules
No Printed Circuits
With Flagship there are no expensive proprietary printed circuit boards.
No highly trained technician needed, typically a voltmeter and a
screwdriver is all that is needed to make most repairs!
All Flagship Chillers have a low voltage control module with clearly labeled LEDs advising the end user specifically what has tripped the chiller, be it high or low refrigerant pressure, freeze control protection as well as low chilled water flow. Diagnostic Monitor Panle

Programable Digital Control

Our new digital control is programmable or you can override the programs and manually control the temperature.

In addition to a host of features it has a back-lit screen for programming even in the dark.

ANY four wire battery-operated control will operate ANY Flagship Marine Unit

Personalize Your Thermostat

We will laser etch your vessel name here
for only $35.00

Personalize Your Thermostat
Questions? Our Customer Service & Tech Support Team is Here to Help
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