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Three years ago I bought a 1985 50ft Marine Trader Widebody that had 3 Flagship Marine AC units on it. The vessel had been abandoned for years and hardly anything worked.....except the Flagship Marine AC units, which are about 10 years old! Since then I have had to do some minor wiring work on a couple of them, no surprise there. I called them and talked to Steve and he was just great. He talked to me on the phone, waited while I flipped breakers, listened for clicking sounds, etc. He told me where to look for the problem and he was right. He then sent me the schematics for the unit in case I had more questions. And then at the end of the day HE CALLED ME BACK!! Just to check on my progress. Incredible! At one point I had to send a unit back to them and they repaired for LESS THAN IT COST ME TO SHIP IT! I will never buy anything else, based on the units themselves and the service from a great company!
        Alex Aller Owner/Captain Key West FL.

1. DURABILITY - Flagship Marine Units NEVER Have Condenser Failures!

    The heart of every marine air conditioner is the condenser—the heat sink to the ocean and the only component the corrosive sea water touches is the inside of the inside tube.  Failure of this tube is catastrophic for the entire system. Even extremely corrosive places like the very high salinity of the Red Sea are no problem for Flagship Marine condensers because we use an unusually thick walled 90/10 CuNi (copper nickel) tube with particular annealment, hardness and other characteristics.
   We don’t dramatically shorten our condensers to save money by enhancing this tub: knurling or rifling for example. Our tube is “slick walled” with no thin spots that fester these failures.   
   Paper thin condenser tubes dissipate heat very quickly so the condenser tube can be short and inexpensive.  We don't cut corners by doing so.  We have full length condensers!  The shorter the condenser, the cheaper it is and the shorter it will last!

Our condenser wall thickness almost equals the shell wall thickness, ensuring decades of trouble free service.
   Flagship Marine has always prioritized durability and quality over cost savings and we NEVER cut corners. We also don’t skimp on our brazing material—ALL refrigerant lines are brazed with a 15% silver alloy, not the 5% typical of other manufacturers.
   As a result, Flagship Marine is very proud to have had almost ZERO condenser failures in the last two decades!

TIG welded chassis
Our 14 gauge, 316 Series stainless steel, one-piece, precision laser cut, TIG welded chassis provides superior support for all the chiller components.

Copper Nickel socolets
Flagship Marine takes no shortcuts
with quality and design!

   All condenser tube to manifold connections are made with precision machined 90/10 CuNi (Copper Nickel) socolets that are TIG welded to the schedule 80 90/10 CuNi nipple with a monel alloy and brazed to the condenser tubes to ensure many years of trouble free service.

   This configuration meets all MilSpec and ABYC requirements. Naked connections aren't nearly as durable and fail to meet those standards.
   For your convenience all manifolds are fitted with reducing couplers and a 3/4" drain plugs for winterizing.

Welded elements
Welded elements

2. RELIABILITY - We Don't Use Proprietary Printed Circuit Boards!
   What sets Flagship Marine apart from our competition is our belief in the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid). This has guided our component selection and design emphasis for many years. We brag that even a child can follow our schematics!
   Look at this single compressor chiller electric box. All the components are “over the counter” at a fraction of typical costs in our industry. The most expensive item here is less than $53.00!
compressor chiller electric box
Flagship Marine incorporates only the highest quality components that are primarily manufactured in the States, and all the production takes place at our factory locations in Stuart, FL.
Chiller evaporators - York, PA
Self contained evaporators - Longview, TX
Refrigerant components - Allenwood, NJ
Expansion valves - Washington , MO
Electric modules - Syracuse, NY
Still Built with Pride in the USA!
We Use Only Domestic Metal Alloys
No Imported Metal Alloys!
* All stainless components are 316 marine grade stainless steel!
* Evaporator housings, drain pans, electrical boxes etc.
are 5005 marine grade aluminum!

low voltage control modulelow voltage control module panel
   All Flagship Marine chillers have a low voltage control module with clearly labeled LEDs that will advise the end user specifically what has tripped the chiller, be it high or low refrigerant pressure, freeze control protection as well as low chilled water flow (if so equipped).
   The time tested ICM nodules are “over the counter”, inexpensive and easy to obtain.

3. ECONOMY - We Offer Extremely Low, Factory Direct Pricing.
   Flagship Marine can also save you considerable engineering expenses - possibly eliminating this expense entirely! Once you commit to using Flagship equipment, our trained technicians will take your plans and carefully size the HVAC load and outline a complete ducting, wiring and plumbing plan - at no charge!
   In most cases, you won't need to hire an engineer to do a thermodynamic load, ducting, wiring and plumbing plans, which can save you thousands of dollars.
   We will not go into the detail of how to run the ducts, wires and water lines - if you want or need this service you will have to hire a local engineer to accomplish this, however we will tell you, for example - "Mount one five ton unit here - it needs a 3/4" water supply line, requires a 230 volt single phase 30 amp power supply, and the three 6"ducts should be run in the ceiling in this area, terminating at grills in these general locations."
   With our time proven commercial quality, Flagship Marine can offer HVAC for as little as 7.49¢/BTU!
In the 25 plus years since our founding, Flagship Marine has provided HVAC for a wide variety of commercial and military craft. From historic sailing ships to deep sea mining vessles, dinner cruise boats and high-speed ferries, no job is too big, too small or too complicated of us. Our on site design engineers work with the latest SolidWorks software available and whatever your requirements, we can custom create a chiller system just for you.
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